Patient Participation Group

  St John’s Surgery PPG (Winter Edition 2019)

YOUR Patient Participation Group (PPG) would like to invite YOU to join us as a member.

What is a PPG?

A PPG may involve the following:

· Provide practical support to the staff and patients.

· Helping yourself and other patients to take more responsibility for your health.

· Building a relationship between the practice staff and patients which in turn breaks down barriers to communication.

· Communicating widely throughout the practice and the local community and in consultation with practice staff.


· A Forum for complaints. By providing a channel for communication, a PPG can reduce the risk of complaints. Many groups agree to forward concerns to the practice manager or the PALS team.

  · For implementation of a pre-determined agenda (the government’s or anyone else’s!) The independence of the PPG’s is a major strength. They are informally accountable to all of the patients in the practice and should therefore take a balanced view of needs.

More about us

· Our group meets approximately 4 times a year at St Johns Surgery.

· We would like a social get-together once a year away from the surgery.

· Each of us brings our own qualities, suggestions, skills and experience to work together to form a harmonious and proactive group.

If you are interested you can:

· Enquire at reception

· Fill out your details on one of our PPG leaflets and hand it in to reception

· Check Facebook, Search St John’s Surgery.

· https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Family-Medicine-Practice/St-Johns-Surgery-2830085030349853/